About Us

About Us


India-Japan Foundation (IJF) is a non-profit organization dedicatedly working towards strengthening the India-Japan Global Partnership (IJGP), towards establishment of the Alternative Development Model (ADM) framework.

IJF is carrying forward the work and the legacy of India-Center (IC).

India-Japan Global Partnership


India-Japan Global Partnership is a mutually beneficial partnership where India and Japan will work along with their global partners by placing their mutual strengths together to secure their national interest and serve rest of the world,


To nurture and strengthen the strategic partnership between India and Japan along with their global partners towards the establishment and adoption of the Alternative Development Model (ADM) Framework


  • To strengthen the India-Japan Global Partnership
  • Ideate new initiatives in the ADM ecosystem and work towards its global implementation
  • To build mechanisms for the initiatives and contribute through Research, Development, Dialogues, and Resources
  • To establish India and Japan as leaders in the new ADM Framework

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