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India-Japan Foundation (IJF) is a non-profit organization dedicatedly working towards strengthening the India-Japan Global Partnership (IJGP), towards establishment of the Alternative Development Model (ADM) framework.

IJF is carrying forward the work and the legacy of India-Center (IC).

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To nurture and strengthen the strategic partnership between India and Japan along with their global partners towards the establishment and adoption of the Alternative Development Model (ADM) Framework


  • To strengthen the India-Japan Global Partnership
  • Ideate new initiatives in the ADM ecosystem and work towards its global implementation
  • To build mechanisms for the initiatives and contribute through Research, Development, Dialogues, and Resources
  • To establish India and Japan as leaders in the new ADM Framework



ADM is our driving vision. Within the ADM Framework, we envision a world, which just not focuses on the sustainability of ecological resources but also on the sustainability of the economic well-being.


The organizations within the ADM’s ecosystem have thinkers, visionaries and change makers from all over the world and from various fields. This allows for IJF to be a repository of innovative and path-breaking ideas.


IJF will focus on the evangelization of the concept and applications of ADM framework. It will not only be evangelized to developing countries, which are in position to adapt ADM, but also to the developed countries, which are in the position to drive this framework.


Each initiative will comprise thousands of projects, which will create net new opportunities from business to organizations in all the fields. IJF will invite participation in these projects, incubate those projects, and implement them.


IJF shall incorporate the resources in order to move forward on ADM based initiatives and project. It will incorporate the needs and desires of the recipients, the resources and the implementers.


IJF will take these initiatives to the execution phase and hand it over to the recipient of the ADM initiative.



Alternative Model of Development is a consolidated, coherent & comprehensive framework that amalgamates the wisdom & experience of the Old Model and experiential innovation of the New Model. ADM prescribes inclusive and integrated development operating system, which addresses the crises the world is facing today like dwindling natural resources, environment degradation and economic segregation. The pragmatic approach of ADM is -framing an Ideology, shaping Systems to act as a foundation, & executing Initiatives based on these systems and ideologies. .


IJF will work for the continuance of the following initiatives which was ideated and catalyzed by India Center through the India-Japan Global Partnership.

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